Masterclass Last mile logistics with drones


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This Masterclass will give an in-depth insight into potential usage of drones for short distance freight transport.

For the participants, the objective of the training is to learn how to integrate drones in their future logistics operations. The participants will learn how to assess and understand the regulatory aspects of any logistic commercial service offer that include drone delivery. The Masterclass will enable the participants during dedicated set of workshops to develop a potential “drone logistic” pilot in the frame of one of the Luxembourg 5G testbeds.

The orators are all worldwide experts in drone logistics & operations, air regulation applied to UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). The exhaustive list of orators and the detailed program is available under “trainers”.

DTV Capacity Building is powering this Maserclass organised by LuxMobilty with the support of Eurocontrol.

LuxMobility is a leading international consultancy company within the field of mobility, logistics and sustainable transport in Europe. LuxMobility aims to play a major role in providing solutions for the growing mobility problems in cities worldwide. LuxMobility is a sister company of Netherlands’ based DTV Consultants.

The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation widely known as Eurocontrol is an international institution that assures a safe and seam less air traffic management. Eurocontrol is responsible for the coordination and planning of all air traffic control in Europe.

Translation from English to French and French to English is provided.


Dr Jacques Leonardi

Dr Jacques Leonardi

University of Westminster

Dr Jacques Leonardi is a Senior Research Fellow in Freight, Logistics and Sustainable Distribution at the University of Westminster, member of the logistics research team, part of the group “Global Itineraries”, at the Dept. for Planning and Transport, since 2007. His research areas include freight transport, logistics, and supply chain, and his activities are focusing on developing and evaluating sustainable solutions in UK, Europe and worldwide.

Jean-Marc Simonis

Jean-Marc Simonis

CEO of Dronelab

Jean-Marc Simonis was born in Rocourt on May 19, 1961. From the age of 6, he was passionate about technology as well as architectural and industrial design. First seduced by the fantastic and organic forms of Luigi Colani’s and Dieter Rams’ creations, he was naturally attracted to their contemporary peers. In early adolescence, the democratization of consumer computing was a trigger. After graduating in computer science, he moved to GD Luxembourg and specialized in database management, cryptography and virtualization. The proximity of the scientific world and the rapid advances in computer-related UAV technology were seen as a matter of course. He then decided to create Dronelab Holding sarl in 2013, which specializes in the design of drones, encrypted telemetry and the provision of missions for the scientific and industrial world. Jean-Marc is also a consultant for NATO.

Peter Alderson

Peter Alderson


Senior ATM Expert – Training Development & Delivery Unit Network Management Directorate
Peter Alderson. British, born in 1962. Joined National Air Traffic Services in 1981 and became an air traffic controller at the London Air Traffic Control Centre that handles about 4000 flights a day. Had various roles including Head of airspace capacity planning. Moved to Luxembourg in 2006 on joining EUROCONTROL to work as a training expert at the Institute of Air Navigation Services. In 2012 moved to the EUROCONTORL HQ in Brussels to join a project aimed at reducing delays by increasing the accuracy with which aircraft follow their flight plans. More recently became involved in assessing the impact on air traffic control of private and commercial drone operations. Returned to Luxembourg in 2018 where my role partly involves training air traffic control staff to meet the challenges presented by the increasingly widespread use of drones.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Voos

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Voos

Security and Trust

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Voos leads the Automation & Robotics Research Group (SnT ARG) which was founded in 2012. One of the main research direction are autonomous vehicles and robots such as service robots, highly automated cars or drones. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Voos is working since more than 18 years in the area of drone technologies, herein 4 years in industry. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals and proceedings of international conferences, many of them also related to perception and control of drones.

When and where

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Friday 20 September 2019, from 09h00 to 17h00

Location: Eurocontrol/IANS building in Kirchberg-Luxembourg.


1. Presentation by Dr. Jacques Leonardi
• Urban logistics business case
• Integration of drones in last mile freight logistics

2. Presentation by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Voos
• Present drone technology available and its scientific research

Coffee break

3. Presentation by Jean-Marc Simonis
• State of the art on available technology and usage within a commercial context
• Use of drones in the city, some first-hand experiences
• Economic stakes in the usage of drones

4. Presentation by Peter Alderson
• Drones – the Big Picture
• Welcoming drones to Luxembourg’s airspace

5. Presentation tbd
• Public interest for the topic of drones
• Present regulatory framework and constraints
• Upcoming opportunities for usages of drones in Luxembourg

Lunch break

6. Work group discussions
• Drone regulations led by Peter Alderson in English
• Drone and freight logistics led by Jacques Leonardi/Jean-Marc Simonis in French
• Drone and available communication and surveillance including usage of the 5G communication network

7. Drone demonstration by SNT


Translation from English to French and French to English will be provided.

For questions about the programme you can contact

  • Joanne Wirtz, j.wirtz[at], Consultant LuxMobility, (LU, FR, DE, ENG)
  • Patrick Van Egmond, p.v.egmond[at], Managing Director LuxMobility, (NL, FR, ENG)

For whom?

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This Masterclass is relevant for

• Logistics operators
• Ministerial personnel and communes,
• Private stakeholders in touch with drones,
• Business developers,
• Telecom and network operators
• Healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical businesses


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Price: €275 (excluding VAT)

The fee includes:

• All lectures, workshops, and demonstration
• Lunch, coffee and tea and farewell drinks


Advice and information
Teije Gorris

Teije Gorris

Team Lead & Consultant Capacity Building