27 September: How can cycle highways be designed, developed and used for fast and safe use?

When it comes to increasing cycling, the concept of cycle highways can be a solution for longer distance cyclists. In this webinar cycling expert Pleun Smits, will introduce you to the concept of these cycle highways.

How can the design principles for bicycle infrastructure be applied to this (new) phenomenon? Pleun Smits will highlight underlying principles that can be used across the world. He will also share his experiences on costs and measures and the process of creating a cycle highway from scratch. Of course, there is plenty of room for Q&A’s.

Join us on 27 September at 4pm (CET – Amsterdam) for a 30-minute free webinar about cycle highways. How can they contribute to increasing cycling? How are the design principles applied for safe and fast use of these cycle highways? What do they cost and how to organise a smooth realisation process.. Pleun Smits, our cycling expert will introduce you to the answers to these questions and answer your questions.

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