Special 60 minute edition “Bicycle infrastructure design” webinar

Thursday 24 September we will be hosting a special edition of our monthly webinar series on bicycle infrastructure design principles. We have teamed-up with the Dutch and Flemish city network “CIVINET” and arranged for very inspiring guest speakers from  the City of Antwerp and the municipilaty of Heerhugowaard.

During our monthly webinar series we introduce the 5 design principles for safe and succesful bicycle infrastructure design. In the Q&A part of the webinar many discussions concern how to motivate people to cycle of cycle more. During the upcoming special edition of the webinar we will thouroughly address this topic and provide an practical city led case study.

As part of the EU funded PORTIS project the City of Antwerp has developed and implemented a comprehensive scheme to promote cycling amongst commuters. The employers play an important role. During the webinar you will learn about the scheme and about practical solutions that proved to be working in promoting cycling. CIVINET member Heerhugowaard will present their experience in developing their (regional) cycling network and cycling street.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired! And it’s for free.

Benefits of participating in this webinar:

  • practical insights for safe and succesfull bicycle infrastructure design
  • actionable examples of city led example of cycling promoting
  • practical tips to apply in your local situation, no matter where you are located

Date: Thursday, September 24th –  9.00 and 16.00 CE(S)T / Amsterdam

Duration: 60 minutes

Join from your home or office. We work with small groups, to give each attendee the attention they require.

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