Webinar 22 March: 5 design principles for bicycle infrastructure

Join us on 22 March 4pm (CET – Amsterdam) for our free 30 minute cycling webinar to get to know about the famous design principles.

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The Dutch CROW Bike Design Manual talks about 5 design principles for bicycle infrastructure: Cohesion, Directness, Safety, Comfort and Attractiveness. The key advantage of the design principles is the transferability. Whether you are in Europe, the America’s, Africa, Asia, Down Under or elsewhere. Whether you are a starting, climbing or champion cycling culture, these design principles apply to each situation! And applying the design principles leads to safe and successful bicycle infrastructure.

  • Cohesion: in promoting the use of the bicycle as a means of transport, we need to make sure that cyclists are able to cycle from A to B. From anywhere to everywhere.
  • Directness: the principle of offering the cyclist as direct a route as possible with detours kept to a minimum. We do not want to waste energy (and time) on detours…
  • Safety: the principle of safety applies to both road safety and personal health: reducing stress and minimising the exposure to pollutants and noise.
  • Comfort: it is human instinct to seek comfort. Even so, engineers and infrastructure developers may not always consider this essential design principle as carefully as they should.
  • Attractiveness: this design principle is influenced by many elements. And a very personal principle: what is considered attractive by one person is perceived as unattractive by others.

In this month’s webinar cycling expert Teije Gorris will bring you up to date with the 5 design principles for bicycle infrastructure. Working from these principles ensures policy builders of effective use of budget and enhanced road safety for cyclists and other road users.

The webinar is also a great opportunity to find out more about the benefits of taking the Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure training.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired!


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