Webinar 7 December: Introduction to Bikenomics

“Bikenomics” is the approach to build your case for cycling. It is a structured approach that helps you to identify the benefits of cycling and monetize them. So you can engage with decision makers and stakeholders in their own language. Wether it is dollars, euros or other currency. Wether it is policy objectives such as saved life years, reduced healthcare costs, reduced carbon footprint.

The approach was successfully applied to multiple cases in western cities as well as developing ones. It has supported the endorsement and acceptance of multiple bicycle infrastructure investments and policy developments.

“Knowing your bikenomics will help you to increase your success in building cases for cycling and convince decision makers. No matter where you are located, no matter your level of experience.”

Join us for a 30 minutes webinar about Bikenomics

Join us on 7 December 4pm (CET – Amsterdam) for a free 30 minutes webinar to get introduced. The webinar is organised in cooperation with Decisio. Bikenomics expert Matteo Jarre from DECISIO will introduce the bikenomics principles and answer your questions.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired!

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