Where can I park my bike? An update to CROW’s bicycle parking statistics

Governments, municipalities, and developers all rely on CROW’s bicycle parking statistics to determine the demand for bicycle parking spots at new or existing storage facilities. To determine index values, DTV Consultants were tasked to conduct research and collect quantitative and qualitative data.

Hillie Talens, project manager at CROW: “Prior to our research study, the latest available figures dated back to as far as 2010. Since then, bicycle use has increased considerably. The implementation of the new environmental law, as well as the more intensive use of space in general, have necessitated the need for a more up-to-date and reliable statistical data set. In DTV Consultants, we have found a partner with the right qualifications and commitment.”

Using a two-step method to obtain reliable data

To collect data, several counts were conducted in 2018. The results have been added to the existing data set from 2010. Where possible, we have added information about the number of visitors, the average duration of parking, and the modal split of cycling. Through thorough collection and validation protocols, we have managed to ensure the accuracy of our data. Talens: “The team at DTV Consultants always ensures reliable research data informed by a rigorous analytical framework.”

Changes compared to 2010

The index values for the majority of the facilities have been adjusted downward. Due to the increase in available data, we have been able to provide more accurate and refined recommendations. For the first time, the index values for bicycle parking have been consolidated [incorporated? into the “café” function.

Based on our findings, an upward adjustment to the index was made for the following functions:

  • offices (staff);
  • offices (visitors);
  • hospitals (employees);
  • fitness centres/gyms/health clubs

A downward adjustment to the index was made for these functions:

  • high schools (students);
  • shopping centres
  • grocery stores;
  • garden centres;
  • places of worship
  • hospitals (visitors);
  • sports grounds
  • all types of restaurants.

The up-to-date index has been made available on the following website.

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