E-course Bike Sharing


This e-course, developed by DTV Consultants as part of the EU-financed CIVITAS CAPITAL and VELOCITTA projects, offers a broad overview of the main elements involved in bicycle sharing. Participants will be introduced to the concept of bicycle sharing and learn about promotional strategies that have already been implemented by cities.
The following experts were brought together for the development of this e-course:

  • DTV Consultants: DTV Consultants, a leading consultancy and training firm for mobility professionals, has 30 years of solid experience in providing sustained research, innovation, and advice. It has offered training courses on cycling infrastructure, safety, and policy on both a national and international scale.
  • VeloMondial. VeloMondial has been involved in a variety of (inter)national projects and initiatives to promote cycling and the development of cycling policies. VeloMondial was also a partner in the VeloCittà project for Bicycle Share Systems improvement which aimed to provide inspiration and build capacity in local authorities and stakeholders. DTV Consultants worked with closely with the stakeholders that were engaged in the design and implementation of effective and resource-efficient solutions, resulting in a boost in the uptake of Bicycle Share Systems and setting in motion a beneficial snowball effect on urban cycling. Although the project ended in February 2017, its aims will be further carried out in the ‘Bike Share Cities’ and the ‘Bike Share Workspace’ platforms.

Course objectives

Through a combination of texts, articles, video clips, and work on small assignments DTV Consultants will ensure that participants are aware of the principles of cycling marketing. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • define the concept of bike sharing and explain its value.
  • distinguish different forms of bike sharing.
  • identify the different types of users and their needs.
  • recognise all the different stakeholders that could be involved.
  • explain how to operate different bike sharing systems.
  • understand the financing of projects and the costs involved
  • identify the barriers and challenges to bike sharing projects.
  • provide examples of different cities and their strategies.

Programme outline

  • Block 1: What is bike sharing?
  • Block 2: Introduction movie
  • Block 3: Bike sharing schemes
  • Block 4: Techniques, costs, and finance
  • Block 5: Article about bike sharing
  • Block 6: Bike sharing examples
  • Block 7: Final test


Teije Gorris
DTV Consultants

Teije Gorris

Teije is an urban mobility professional with over 10 years of experience creating innovative solutions, sharing knowledge, and planning in the field of urban mobility.

At CIVITAS CAPITAL he was responsible for the capacity-building work package and launched the CIVITAS Learning Centre where he coordinated and codeveloped 16 e-courses, 14 training courses, 30 work placements, and 1 summer school programme.

Pascal van den Noort
Vélo Mondial

Pascal van den Noort

Pascal van den Noort, Executive Director of  Vélo Mondial is a conceptual thinker, skilled moderator, and mobility expert. He is your best option for learning about Amsterdam and cycling: individuals eager to see ‘Pascal’s Amsterdam’ should get in touch with him.

When and where

This online e-course can be followed anywhere and anytime at a pace that suits you. Courses can be started, paused, continued, and finished as needed. One e-course takes approximately 30-90 minutes.

By using the link below and completing the registration form, you will be enrolled free of charge.

For whom

This e-course is targeted at mobility professionals and others interested or involved in:

  • Urban cycling
  • Policy-making with an emphasis on the development and implementation of cycling policies and sustainable urban mobility


This course is available free of charge

What is included:

  • The course: enrol anytime and complete anytime
  • Certificate of Participation

What is not included:

  • Personal guidance and tutoring. For a tailored approach, please refer to our selection of training courses or contact us to discuss the possibilities for customised

Advice and information

Teije Gorris

Teije Gorris

Team Lead & Consultant Capacity Building