Webinar: How safe is your bicycle infrastructure?


Unsafe bicycle infrastructure, poor design and unsafe traffic conditions are important reasons for people not to cycle or to cycle more. If we want to promote cycling and make bicycle infrastructure successful, we need to take this into account. A systematic and technical safety check of the design characteristics will tell you how safe you bicycle infrastructure is. And what could be improved. Why are such reviews needed? What kind of insights does it deliver? And how is it done?

During this free, 30 minute webinar bicycle expert and safety auditor Pleun Smits will introduce you to the basics of safety audits. You’ll also get to learn about some typical safety issues in bicycle infrastructure design.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired!


Pleun Smits
DTV Capacity Building

Pleun Smits

Pleun holds the position of senior consultant traffic architecture at DTV Consultants. He specialises in the field of cycling, traffic engineering and road safety. In his professional career he supported multiple planning authorities in cycle route analysis, network planning and bicycle infrastructure design. Varying from intersections and roundabout design, bicycle streets to fast cycling routes. Pleun’s mission is to develop sustainable and safe solutions that make both clients and road users happy! During the live sessions he will share his practical experiences and support you in your learning path.

When and where

  • Every other month, upcoming dates are:
    Tuesday 09-11-21, 9.00 AM CE(S)T and 4.00 PM CE(S)T
    Wednesday 23-02-22, 9.00 AM CE(S)T and 4.00 PM CE(S)T
    Wednesday 20-04-22,  9.00 AM CE(S)T and 4.00 PM CE(S)T
  • Join from your home or office
  • We work with small groups, to give each attendee the attention they require

For whom

For anyone who’s interested in bicycle infrastructure.


The webinar is and allways will be, free!

Advice and information

Pleun Smits

Pleun Smits

Trainer / Consultant Bicycle Infrastructure