1 November: webinar cycling data intelligence– wait, what??

How can cycling data increase cycling?

To increase cycling in the Netherlands, governments on a local, regional and national level are cooperating to improve cycling infrastructure, expand parking facilities and actively stimulating cycling. These cycle policy interventions are, however, quite expensive and a more data-driven approach is demanded to underpin investments. In the Dutch Cycling Intelligence program, collaborating governments, industry and knowledge institutes develop new insights and answers to the societal sustainability challenges based on cycling data.

In this webinar we introduce you to this data-driven approach.

Of course, there is plenty of room for Q&A’s.

Join us on 1 November at 4pm (CET – Amsterdam) for a 30-minute free webinar about cycling data. How can they contribute to increase cycling? What are cost-benefits? How are different stakeholders cooperating in this data-driven approach? Joost de Kruijf, cycling data expert, will show you how to translate data to valuable insights for cycling policy, innovation and the mobility transition in general. And show you how private companies are contributing to solutions for the mobility challenge. You will be challenged to think along too in this new approach.

The webinar is also a great opportunity to find out more about the benefits of taking the Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure training.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired!

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