Webinar 31 May: Traffic lights and cycling – does it get the green light?

When it comes to cycling infrastructure, traffic-light-controlled intersections are key network elements. But why are traffic lights there in the first place? How do they work? And, most importantly: how can they enhance cycling?

In this webinar Gonzalo Pena, expert on smart mobility will introduce you to the world of Dutch traffic lights and how they can be used to enhance a cycling culture. He will highlight underlying principles that can be used across the world. And there is plenty of room for Q&A’s.

Join us on 31 May at 4pm (CET – Amsterdam) for a 30-minute free webinar about traffic lights. How do they work, handle potential conflicts with other road users e.g., pedestrians and cyclists and ultimately can enhance cycling in your city.

The webinar is also a great opportunity to find out more about the benefits of taking the Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure training.

Will you be there? It’s a great way to get inspired!

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