Training “Bicycle parking – 5 principles for success”


To stimulate cycling, the provision of bicycle parking facilities is a key necessity in the first place. Secondly, facilities need to be well located and tailor for the needs and characteristics of cyclists and their bicycles.

Did you know that only 25% of bicycles are placed correctly in the designated bicycle parking facilities?

The main reason for this is that bicycles simply do not fit in the bicycle parking facilities provided. Poorly planned and designed bicycle parking facilities lower the success of investments in cycling infrastructure and policies. “The chain is as strong as the weakest link”

This training will provide you with the key essentials that will enable you to make bicycle parking a key success factor in achieving your cycling ambitions. Participants that complete all sessions and homework exercises will be awarded a certificate of completion.

This training is developed by DTV Capacity Building and Dutch Bicycle Parking Academy. Bringing together key expertise on bicycle parking and cycling.

What will you learn?
• Learn how to make right decisions on creating functional bike parking facilities.
• Recognize the distinction between optimal quality rather than theoretical quantity.
• Be able to implement bike parking in public space in an optimal way.
• To avoid high installation costs and be sustainable.

Why is this relevant for you?
More and more people are cycling on expensive (e-) bicycles with many accessories. That is why there is a need for high-quality bike parking facilities that fit modern bicycles.
If you want to contribute to the ‘Green Deal’, it is important to make the right choices and to invest in sustainable functional bicycle sheds that meet the needs of cyclists.


Teije Gorris

Teije Gorris

Unique bicycle infrastructure trainings and workshops! Teije has been delivering trainings, workshops, lectures and keynotes about bicycle infrastructure planning and design across the world. Both in Low, Middle and High Income countries, including the US, India, Philippines, Australia, Israel, European Union and multiple EU-member states. Engineers, planners, project managers, decision makers and CSO-representatives from everywhere join Teije each Summer in his ‘Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure Training’ in the Netherlands. His monthly bicycle infrastructure webinar series has been running since 2018, during which he shares a wealth of knowledge. What make these events unique, is his personal approach, analytical but hands-on mentality and the ability to transfer learnings to local contexts and circumstances.

Teije is owner of GO-bility, providing capacity development for professionals and organizations on active and safer mobility. He is director of the foundation Delft Road Safety Courses providing road safety leadership training in low and middle income countries. He also holds a position at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Before, Teije held positions at the DTV Capacity Building, World Bank, The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and the Dutch national innovation program ‘Transition to sustainable mobility’.

Ton Kooijmans
Dutch Bike Parking Academy

Ton Kooijmans

Ton Kooymans is an expert in the field of bicycle parking with 35 years of practical experience. His bicycle parking solutions are installed at every train station across the Netherlands. For Dutch Cycling Embassy, he hosts guests from all over the world to show them how the Dutch deal with bike parking. In 2020, he founded Dutch Bike Parking Academy (DBPA); which provides webinars, trainings and workshops in the field of bicycle parking.

When and where

The sessions are organised as live online training sessions (through Zoom).

Session 1 All aspects of bike parking
Everything you need to know about types of bicycles, cyclists, parking behaviour, space requirements, methods of parking, bicycle friendliness, user-friendliness, sustainability, etc.

Session 2 How to make the right choices
Applying the acquired knowledge from session 1 using the so-called 5C-Model to make responsible Choices. Based on the aspects: Capacity, Comfort, Cost and Control.

Session 3 Case studies
During this session participants’ bicycle parking cases are discussed and provided with feedback. Theory and concepts from the previous sessions are summarized. A homework exercise is provided for participants to prepare for this session.

Session times
4:30-7:30 am (Los Angeles)
7:30-10:30 am (New York)
1:30-4:30 pm (Amsterdam)
8:30pm-11:30 pm (Singapore)

For whom

Those that are working on cycling policy making, network planning, cycling infrastructure design, promoting cycling and more can enhance their success with insights gained through this training. In particular for those that are preparing for or working bicycle parking facilities. Participants could work as:
• Planners
• Policy makers
• Project managers
• Advocacy
• Decision makers


The introduction price for this unique training course is €490.

How to enrol?
Click the button “Enrol now” at the top of this page. And complete the registration form.

What will happen next?
Once we have received sufficient registrations, we can deliver the course and your registration will be confirmed. We will inform you in due time. We will also proceed to invoicing and payment processing (this can be done through bank transfer or by credit card).

Tax invoice
Individuals or organisations within EU member countries (except Netherlands) will not be charged 21% VAT given they can provide a currently valid VAT-ID. The VAT-ID can be submitted during your registration. Participants from non-EU-countries will ONLY be exempt from Dutch VAT if providing us with a certificate of their entrepreneurial status (i.e. scanned registration as company at the respective tax authority).

Advice and information

Kim Heerkens

Kim Heerkens

Consultant Capacity Building